Spiritual Emphasis

ENC exists to serve students with an educational experience that combines high academic standards with a serious Christian perspective. All faculty, as a condition of service at ENC, must be professing Christians and be actively involved in a local church congregation. This kind of modeling, in the classroom and out, is the core distinction of a college like ENC. Students are expected to work as hard on questions of their faith as they do on purely academic pursuits. To that end, the college requires students to attend 20 of 26 chapel services offered biweekly.

About half the traditional undergraduate students are a members of the Church of the Nazarene, ENC's sponsoring denomination, with the other half of the student body representing over 30 other religious groups. A statement of faith is not required of students as a condition of their acceptance; however, lifestyle guidelines in line with the sponsoring denomination are expected of all traditional undergraduate students. These guidelines include a prohibition on the consumption of all alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs. Additionally, the campus is a designated smoke-free zone.

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Accreditation and Affiliations

Eastern Nazarene College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, has a variety of professional and program accreditations, and is a member of numerous educational organizations.

ENC Athletics

The ENC Athletics Department is a competitive Division III athletics program, fostering the spirit of the student-athlete in a Christian environment.

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