Computer Science
DepartmentNumberTitle / DescriptionCredits
CS131Computer Programming I

Introduces problem solving methods and algorithm development. Emphasizes structured programming and general programming techniques. Topics include input/output, arithmetic, conditional testing, looping, one- and two-dimensional arrays, strings, and simple search/sort methods. Students complete several programming assignments. Prerequisite: High school algebra. Offered fall.

CS132Computer Programming II

Continues from Computer Programming I, covering multidimensional arrays, user-defined data types, record data structure, sequential and binary files, sets, pointers, functions, programs with multiple files and the standard library. Introduces data structures including linked lists. Students complete several programming assignments using advanced C topics. Prerequisite: CS131. Offered spring.

Cross listed as EG351
Advanced Microcomputer Interfacing

Introduces the field of microcomputers. Topics include microcomputer organization and architecture, machine and assembly language programming, interrupts, serial interfacing, D/A and A/D interfacing. Laboratory required. Cross-listed with Engineering. Prerequisite: MA171 or EG323.

Cross listed as EG351L
Advanced Microcomputer Interfacing Lab

Lab for CS220. 

CS221Data Structures

Analyses design and implementation of algorithms of the manipulation of data structures. Topics include single and multiple linked lists, stacks, queues, multi-dimensioned and sparse arrays, binary and general trees, AVL height balancing, graphs, networks, and shortest path and minimum spanning tree algorithms. Students complete several programming assignments. Prerequisite: CS132. Co requisite: MA171. Offered fall.

CS225Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Introduces the analysis of the run-time behavior of algorithms and how design considerations affect algorithm performance.Topics include the analysis of greedy algorithms, divide and conquer techniques, and dynamic programming. Prerequisites: MA171 and CS221. Offered spring.

CS310Data Telecommunications and Networks

An in-depth experience of telecommunications fundamentals, including voice-video-data from LAN, MAN, and WAN including switched network systems. Studies data communication and telecommunication models and standards, concepts, and standard organizations and practices installation, configuration, systems integration and management of technologies. Prerequisite: CS221 or CS241. Offered alternate years.

CS322Database Systems

An introduction to the concepts and methods employed in the design and implementation of database management systems. The relation, network, and hierarchical models are covered, as well as the entity relationship. Data definition and manipulation languages including relational algebra, relational calculus, and SQL are presented as well as issues related to concurrent access and recovery. Students will complete a database project. Prerequisite: CS221 or CS320. Offered alternate years.

CS331Operating Systems

An overview of operating system concepts. Topics include layered architecture, CPU scheduling, memory management, device management, file systems and process management. Design of specific operating systems such as UNIX will be considered. Students will complete projects designing or modifying parts of an existing operating system. Prerequisite: CS221. Offered alternate years.