Literatures in English Objectives

  1. To enable students to think, write, and speak critically, clearly, and effectively.
  2. To enable students to read with appreciation and discrimination.
  3. To provide a broad acquaintance with the master works of literature as a basis for further reading.
  4. To contribute to the total educational process of the student by considering the aesthetic, social, historical, philosophical, and religious values and levels of meaning in literature, and by correlating literature with other disciplines.
  5. To acquaint students with methods of and critical approaches to literary study and research by a series of courses organized in a variety of ways: survey, genre, author, and theme.
  6. To provide a basis for graduate study in English.
  7. To provide preparation for teachers of English in elementary and secondary schools.
  8. To prepare students for careers involving strong writing skills.
  9. To broaden sympathy for the human experience by acquaintance with the literature of nations and cultures other than English and American.