Business Department Objectives
Please note: The Business Division has programming changes effective for the 2014-2015 academic year. See the changes here.

  1. To produce students who, through a balance of liberal arts and a professional business curriculum, are aware of and conversant with major contemporary issues and who are capable of moving throughout society with a sense of confidence and competence.
  2. To develop competencies in the practice of Management, Marketing, and Accounting, to prepare students either for selected career opportunities or for graduate school.
  3. To emphasize and promote Christian ethics as pertains to business and economic activities, with the goal of integrating faith and learning throughout the Business program of the college.
  4. To provide experience in the effective integration and application of written and oral communication skills in the professional development of students; to develop skills in analysis and concept building; and to acquaint students with methods of study and research, along with an appreciation for the application of other academic disciplines to both the personal and professional experience, present and future.
  5. To engender and nourish within students an awareness of their potential for contribution to society through the exercise of leadership.
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