Chemistry Department Objectives

  1. To provide an appreciation for and acquaintance with the chemist’s description of matter.
  2. To provide understanding of the development of chemistry as a branch of science.
  3. To illustrate the structure and operation of scientific thought, the relationship between observation and theory, and the development of models and their role in interpreting natural phenomena.
  4. To provide the requisite technical materials for students requiring chemistry for their pre-professional preparation and to demonstrate for these students the relationship of chemistry to their chosen fields of study.
  5. To provide training and experience in the experimental techniques, theoretical outlooks, and literature of the fields of analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry in order to prepare the student for graduate study or for professional employment as a chemist.
  6. To encourage development as professional chemists by journal reading, seminars, discussions of professional ethics and ACS Student Affiliate membership.
  7. To assist in the understanding of what the study of chemistry reveals about God’s creation.