Pyschology Department Objectives

  1. To provide a spiritual and academic atmosphere in which the student is able to reflect upon and integrate Christian principles with the tenets of psychology.
  2. To provide the student with a broad background in psychological theory and research methods which will prepare the student for further professional development and graduate training. The department strives to encourage an appreciation for research and a desire to keep abreast of current literature.
  3. To provide the student with an understanding of the development and dynamics of human behavior that will strengthen the student liberal arts experience. The department functions in close relationship with the major academic and professional goals of other departments.
  4. To provide an opportunity for students to grow in self-understanding, appreciation of diversity, and acceptance of others. Discernment between healthy/unhealthy and nurturing/abusive behavior is fostered. The department provides an atmosphere conducive to such growth and appreciation of the dimensions of human personality and behavior.
  5. To enhance the student’s oral and written communication skills by incorporating effective listening, constructive interpersonal communication, use of the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style, and other skills conducive to meaningful communication.
  6. To provide the student with opportunities for fieldwork experience which will strengthen the student’s understanding of theoretical models, research, and the integration of differing viewpoints. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of community and institutional contexts in their development both as students and concerned members of society.