BA in Business
Please note: The Business Division has programming changes effective for the 2014-2015 academic year. See the changes here.

Department: Business

Business (BA) Requirements

BA Only Recommended for Double Majors

  • Fulfill all General Degree Requirements
  • Fulfill all General Education Requirements

Business Core Requirements (BA)

Credits: 27     Minimum: C-

BA212Principles of Management3
BA221Principles of Accounting I3
BA222Principles of Accounting II3
BA231Principles of Economics I - Microeconomics3
BA232Principles of Economics II - Macroeconomics3
BA252Principles of Marketing3
BA312Financial Management3
BA324Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development3
BA411Business Law3

Business Capstone

Credits: 3     Minimum: C

Required for B.A. degree

BA341Strategic Management3