BS in General Science

Department: Biology and Chemistry and Physics

General Science (BS) Requirements

The major in General Science is designed to meet the needs of students interested in technical writing, teaching at the elementary, middle school, or secondary level, entering careers that require a college degree but do not specify a subject area, or pursuing graduate programs that require a degree but do not specify a subject area (like law or business). It consists of a broad exposure to the sciences with some depth in one area.
Two degree programs are offered in General Science, the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. By the nature of these two degree programs, the student should be aware that careful advising is necessary. In consultation with their advisor, students should choose the program most suited for their professional goals. In certain cases, it may be possible for a student to customize a program in General Science to meet specific career objectives. The basic requirement for such customized programs is that the BA or BS degree contain a level of breadth and depth that meets or exceeds that of the prescribed programs below.
The General Science program exposes students to a cross section of the fine equipment that supports the science program at ENC, from the fully networked computers to the well equipped laboratories in physics, chemistry, and biology.

A total of 44 credit hours, in addition to the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, is required for graduation. The laboratory science and math requirements in the General Education Core are waived for General Science majors. There is a comprehensive exam that must be taken in the senior year.

BI103/BI103LIntroduction to Cell Biology w/Lab
BI104/BI104LIntroduction to Ecology and Diversity w/Lab
CH101/CH102Introduction to Chemsitry w/Lab and Chemistry of Life w/Lab
CH103/CH104General Chemistry I and II w/Lab (recommended for some career objectives)
Two courses, MA118 or aboveMA118 Introduction to Statistics, MA122 Trigonometry, MA151 Calculus I and MA152 Calculus II (also recommended for certain career objectives)
PY201/PY202General Physics I and II w/Lab
BI/CH/PY/GS499/MA299Independent Research/Project
Students must choose at least two courses above the introductory level in one department for a concentration in that discipline.