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Eastern Nazarene College offers an environment where students from a broad range of academic backgrounds can seek intellectual excellence.

Our liberal arts program demands hard work, a serious attitude about studies and goals, and an openness to exploration. Our students are encouraged to grapple with controversial ideas and issues. They learn to think insightfully from a Christian perspective - with the freedom to doubt and question, to debate and test their positions and beliefs in pursuit of truth and the personal meanings of their faith. The high caliber of an Eastern Nazarene College liberal arts education has earned the respect of employers and graduate schools alike.

Professors are accustomed to hearing from alumni who report their academic preparation for graduate school was as good as, if not better than, that of classmates who went to Ivy League schools.

ENC graduates go on to such prestigious schools as Yale and Harvard and are sought after by employers as diverse as banks, school districts, social service agencies, and accounting firms.

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