Faculty Profile: Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely

Associate Professor Physics and Engineering Department

Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely

Contact Information

phone: 617-745-3542

Dr. Cornely has an extensive academic and corporate background. In corporate, he has worked in many capacities for over 15 years, as President and CEO of 374’s Electric Power Corporation, Engineering Project Coordinator at Synergy and a Senior Research Systems Engineer at Raytheon. Dr. Cornely has been very involved at all levels of academia for over 18 years, from his work with high school students at MIT Upward Bound to his many years working as an Adjunct Professor in the Physics Department at Quincy College, the Electrical Engineering Departments at Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Dr. Cornely has also taught advanced theoretical and practical courses as part of the employees training program at the Raytheon Learning Institute. Dr. Cornely is interested in continuing with his research work in tomography. Tomography has seen a proliferation in its application to new important problems such as seismic signal processing, earthquake monitoring and prediction, and medical diagnostic. Dr. Cornely looks forward to fully utilizing the combination of his corporate and academic experiences to curriculum development and to implement an undergraduate research program that applies the core theories of electrical engineering to many interesting and deserving world applications.


  • EnG.D, Graduate School of Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell,  MA

  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, Graduate School of Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA

  • B.Sc., School of Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA 


  • Patent:  "Surf-Driven Electrical Apparatus", USPTO Number 6, 133,644, 10/17/2000


  • "Flexible Prior Models:  Three dimensional ionospheric tomography", Radio Science, 2003

    "Three dimensional ionospheric tomography via bandlimited constrained iterative cross-entropy minimization", Radio Science, 2005

    "Seismic Tomography Total Electron Content Behaviors and Predictions Before and After the January 12, 2010 M7 Haiti Earthquake and Comparisons With Real Observations", submitted for publication to Radio Science, 2012.