Honors Scholar Program


ENC’s Honors Scholar Program supplements students’ academic, spiritual, and ethical development through courses and activities designed to stretch the mind and strengthen the heart. Eligible students are encouraged to participate in honors classes, extracurricular activities, service projects, and learning opportunities with contemporary scholars in various fields. The program continues the long history of academic excellence at ENC and participating students may graduate with the transcript designation of Honors Scholar.

Eligibility Requirements:
Incoming first-year students are evaluated on their SAT, ACT, and high school GPA scores, as well as other factors. Students with strong academic potential are invited to join the Honors Scholar Society at the beginning of their first semester by taking the Honors course IS199. Thereafter, students may continue in the Society provided they complete IS199 with a B or better grade and maintain a composite GPA of 3.5 or above. Students who were not invited to take IS199 may still join the Honors Scholar Society if after two full semesters at ENC they earn a composite GPA of 3.5 or higher and successfully complete at least one Honors course (either a designated Honors course or by contract).

Benefits Enjoyed by Honors Scholars:
Honors Scholars enjoy access to the Honors Scholar Program socials, lectures, trips, and leadership activities. Eligible students may enroll in Honors Scholar Program courses and also have the option of contracting regular courses for honors credit. Any honors courses completed with a grade of at least a B will be indicated as Honors Level on academic transcripts.

Students who successfully complete all Honors Scholar Program requirements will be recognized at graduation ceremonies, and receive an Honors Scholar notation on their diplomas and transcripts.

Please email Honors Scholar Program questions to honors@enc.edu and all Admissions questions to .

The ENC Ideal

Eastern Nazarene College seeks, in each member of its community, to enlighten the mind, to enhance the quality of personality, to enkindle a never-ending search for truth, and to enable each, out of Christian love and concern, to serve others creatively and responsibly.

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