Residence Life Furniture Policy

For significant health and safety reasons, students are prohibited from bringing certain used, or second-hand, furniture onto ENC campus. Prohibited items include used or second hand:

  • Upholstered chairs and sofas
  • Futons
  • Bean-bag chairs
  • Any other furniture containing cushions or stuffing.

Used furniture includes any non-new items such as, but not limited to that brought from home, given to students by relatives, purchased from a second-hand or thrift store, or found on a street corner.

Students may bring the above items to campus provided they are brand new. Students must be prepared to show copies of purchase receipts upon request.

Across the United States there has been an increase in incidents of bed bug infestations.  Hotels, motels, camps, dorms, etc, have all fallen victim to such infestations.  Colleges and Universities in the Boston area have been infested.  One of our sister institutions experienced major disruption this past academic year because of a bed bug infestation.  Please note: Eastern Nazarene College is not infested with bed bugs!   An infestation, however, would cause tremendous disruption and would be a serious issue for our campus. 

 Caution: Because of the risks associated with used furniture in the residence halls, the “new furniture only” policy may have to be repeated next year. For this reason, and because of space limitations in the residence hall rooms, students are strongly advised to buy and bring a minimal amount of furniture to campus. 

Accreditation and Affiliations

Eastern Nazarene College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, has a variety of professional and program accreditations, and is a member of numerous educational organizations.

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