Boston Public Schools Partnership
The fall semester also marked the start of a new partnership between the CRJ and the Boston Public Schools. Through the CRJ’s “Tangible Dream Makers” program, 12 ENC students are embedded in five classrooms at Roxbury’s Tobin School. Working with fourth and fifth graders, ENC students participate in a variety of education activities, including providing one-on-one tutoring and leading classroom activities. ENC students receive internship credit for the 35 to 100 hours they spend at the school during a semester.

“The Education Department is using this experience to fulfill the pre- practicum requirement for Elementary Education majors,” Giles noted. “We hope that this school may one day become a student teaching site for ENC students.”

ENC sophomore Christina Saint-Pierre said she loves being able to help the young students realize their full potential.

“The first day I entered the classroom, there was a boy who was having difficulty with the math assignment,” she recalled. “He said, ‘I can’t do it.’ But I knew he had the potential and I told him so. When he was later able to finish the whole math packet before everyone else in the class, I was like, ‘Wow, this is awesome!’”

Saint-Pierre said participating in the Tangible Dream Makers program is helping her to grow both spiritually and mentally, and she looks forward to working with the Tobin School students throughout the remainder of the academic year, imparting the lessons that she herself has learned through her participation in CRJ programs.

“My goal for the students is to realize that they are not limited by their abilities or their inequities,” she said. “I want them to know that they have every tool in their mind to be able to reach a goal – they just have to believe it and see it.

“I want them to realize they have the power to turn their inequities into opportunities.”

The ENC Ideal

Eastern Nazarene College seeks, in each member of its community, to enlighten the mind, to enhance the quality of personality, to enkindle a never-ending search for truth, and to enable each, out of Christian love and concern, to serve others creatively and responsibly.


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