Admission to Teacher Education Program

Students planning to teach should formally apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program no later than the spring semester of their sophomore year. Admission to the program is necessary if the student is to proceed in the professional sequence of upper division education courses. A student must maintain good standing (2.5 QPA) in the Teacher Education Program in order to continue in the teacher preparation program. Applications are acted upon by the Teacher Education Faculty Committee, which is composed of faculty in the Division of Teacher Education. Careful consideration is given to the student’s professional interest, personality, emotional stability, character, scholarship, competence in communication, and physical health. The following requirements must be met prior to admission:

1. A quality point average of 2.5 or better.
2. Satisfactory recommendations from faculty and members of the committee.
3. Satisfactory completion of ED210 Foundations of Education, PS240 Lifespan Development, and ED310 Educational Psychology. (Exceptions apply to Music Education majors.)
4. Pass the Massachusetts Communication and Literacy Skills Exam (earn a score of P on each component) OR pass PRAXIS I with a score of at least 172 on each component of the exam OR pass the PRAXIS I computer based exam with a score of at least 172 on each component of the exam. Students meet with their advisors to determine which exam is appropriate for them to take.
5. Application to and completion of the testing requirement (see #4) to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Information is available in the Education Office.
6. Approval of teacher education faculty.

Note: Admission to the Teacher Education Program is only part of a continuous process of selection and retention of the future teacher.

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