Admission to Student Teaching Practicum

Application for the student teaching practicum must be made through the Education Office three months in advance of the desired time for student teaching. Only seniors who have completed the professional sequence satisfactorily and have maintained good standing in the Teacher Education Program will be considered for student teaching. Applications are acted on by the teacher education faculty.
Prerequisites for admission to student teaching are as follows:

1. Admission to and in good standing (2.5 QPA) in the Teacher Education Program.
2. Presentation of the growth portfolio during the junior year.
3. Completion of the professional sequence.
4. Satisfactory completion of the required courses for each selected major in teacher education.
5. Successful completion of the MTEL: Communication and Literary Skills Test before being placed in the Practicum.
    a. This requirement is for students who want to teach in Massachusetts. For those seeking to move out of Massachusetts, PRAXIS I is still the option for admittance to the Teacher Education Program.
    b. For those students staying in Massachusetts to teach, the additional required MTEL tests for licensure must be taken before graduation.
6. Approval of teacher education faculty regarding professional aptitude.
7. Endorsement of major departments.
Additional course work may be required, depending on the needs of the individual student.

Students meet with advisors to determine the appropriate required student teaching experience. Student teaching cannot be provided to those who have not followed an established program for the preparation of teachers. Students will observe teachers and pupils at work. The actual participation in teacher activities with conferences and reports is emphasized. This practice teaching is done under supervision in public schools in Quincy, on the South Shore, and in the greater Boston area.
A weekly seminar is required for all those who are registered for their first student teaching practicum. This seminar will address the issues that arise out of the practicum experience. Resource persons will be used to address specific topics.

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