Recency of Credit for Degree Completion

The time limit for completion of a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work degree is 6 years from the time of admission into the Social Work Program. Courses taken within a period of 6 years prior to this date of admission may be accepted with proper documentation. The Department of Social Work may consider courses taken more than 6 years prior to this date of admission for acceptance if the student demonstrates an appropriate level of competency. The format for determining a level of competency in a specific area of study is at the discretion of the instructor who is teaching that content area at the time of the request. The student will pay a fee of $250 for each course in which he or she must demonstrate competency.

ENC's Defining Values

Transformational Education, Faithful Authenticity, Institutional Vitality, Service Orientation, Multicultural Understanding, Christian Faith, Intentionally Collaborative, Pursuit of Excellence

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The ENC Athletics Department is a competitive Division III athletics program, fostering the spirit of the student-athlete in a Christian environment.

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